Veterans outreach, if you can’t come to us we will go to you. – Transport to medical appointments in partnership with the DAV. – Assistance with navigating the complex VA system in order to obtain needed services; such as medical, mental, education, employment or any other needs that the client may have.  – We also extend those services to the veteran’s immediate family.  Services also are  available to active duty personnel and their family.

Long term vision for Battle Buddies includes a retreat house where clients will be able to drop in for longer periods of time if needed.  The retreat will be a place where we can provide the veteran with short term housing, counseling, as well as recreational activities and interaction with fellow veterans.  Our services are open to veterans from all branches of service regardless to gender, color, religion, or nationality.

The Battle Buddies App Store

Our organization has worked tirelessly to bring a mobile device app service to our veteran’s organization to better serve our veterans. With this app, you can register for Services, serve as a trained Battle Buddy or as a SME (Subject Matter Expert), and view our Monthly Calendar of Events. If you need to be contacted by a Battle Buddy, please call our Alert Line number at 1-443-975-5262 and leave your First and Last Name along with a phone number where you can be contacted.

We are now providing this service as an app for both Android and iPhone as well as other mobile device platforms. Just click on the link provided select which account type you would like to authenticate with and upon authentication you are directed to our app’s home page. A pre-existing Facebook/Twitter/or Google account is required. For veterans that have served more than two campaigns please select the two most memorable. You only need to register once and upon your successful submission you will be contacted. Logout when done.

Follow these 3 Steps:

Battle Buddies Android & iPhone & Mobile Device Link

1) Type or Click

2) Authenticate with              The Battle Buddies App Store Final Revision 5-30-15

3) Once authenticated using Username & Password you are directed to our Home Page

At the Home Page screen you will see the menu selection. Using the menu you can:

  •  To register for Assistance                                                           Select Assistance icon button
  •  To register to serve as a trained Battle Buddy                       Select Training icon button
  •  To register to serve as an SME (Subject Matter Expert)     Select SME icon button
  •  To view our monthly calendar of events                                 Select Events icon button